Please note: For the Kent, North, North Midlands, East Midlands, South Wales, and Yorkshire groups, only national records held by group members and records that have been added to the system manually are shown

Name Age Year Club Course Event Distance/Time Record
Lynne Taylor 41 2010 10 Mile 00:21:10
Susan Semple 49 2015 Born to Bike/Bridgetown Cycles V718 City RC (Hull) 10 Mile 00:21:23
Susan Semple 56 2022 Legato Racing Team (LRT) L1015 Kent Valley 10 Mile 00:23:05
Deborah Sheridan 65 2022 Warwickshire Road Club R10/17 Pontypool RCC (Welsh Championship) (6 events 240 riders Max)(Women) 10 Mile 00:24:36