a good scrap in the 'Bs' last night. Top rider was Sue Semple with 25.30 in 13th, followed 32s later by hubby Alastair in 16th with Adrian Osborn nipping his heels one place behind, 42s back. Makes for an interesting BOS tussle in the last race next week. Watch for news of a 10 miles for all VTTA areas coming to your optical areas soon.


      Time  (m:s) Plus (m:s) accumulated 
      event 7 event 7 pluses
          (best 4 events)
Andrew Simpkins         19.09
Alastair Semple     26.02 1.57 7.55
Adrian Osborn     26.44 2.12 8.49
Susan Semple     25.30 5.16