Age Records - Road & Track

The VTTA has a comprehensive system of national age records for men and women and for ages from 40 to those in their 90s!

Road (time trial) age records can be set on a solo bicycle, a solo tricycle, a tandem bicycle and a tandem tricycle. Track records can be set on solo and tandem bicycles and on outdoor tracks on either track bikes or TT bikes. For tandems, records can also be set by a mixed pair. 

A claimant for any record must be a paid-up member of the VTTA at the time of the ride. 


You can find details of all the national age records here. Group age records are shown under the relevant group (if they operate their own group records system).


With the new website based age records system, records are continuously being updated but are dependent on when members notify claims. It is for the rider to submit a claim form if they believe they have achieved a record and this should be done straightaway and not left till the end of the season.

We have National Secretaries responsible for Road and for Track Records - see contact details below.

Road Records

Records can be set in any listed CTT or Scottish Cycling open time trial at the following distances/times - 10, 15, 25, 30, 50, & 100 miles, and 12 & 24 hours.

Records are set on actual times not the plus times used in competitions on standard.

Track Records.

Records can also be set by men and women on solo or tandem machines on indoor tracks and outdoor tracks at 5, 10, and 25 miles, 1 hour, and 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 kilometres. Track records have to comply with certain conditions including:

  • Indoor track records must be set on a track (fixed wheel) bike. 
  • Outdoor track records may be set on a track (fixed wheel) bike or on a road/time trial bike that complies with the CTT guidance for machines.
  • There must be approved CTT or British Cycling timekeepers in place and a VTTA or other independent observer.

Ahead of the attempt, notification must be sent to the Track Records Secretary. This should include details of the proposed track, rider(s), names of the approved CTT or British Cycling timekeepers and the VTTA or other independent observer. The Secretary will then confirm if the attempt complies with regulations before it takes place.

Making an Age Record Claim

If you wish to make a road record claim then download the relevant form from the Forms section here,You may either post it with a copy of the result sheet for the event or you can email it with a link to the results page on the CTT website. With our new age records system on the website, road time trial claim forms and supporting documentation should be sent to your group recorder who will enter the claim onto the system. They will then forward all necessary documentation to the National Road Records Secretary. The National Secretary will then ratify the record if all the details of the claim are satisfactory and issue the certificate.

.If having notified a track record attempt and succeeded in achieving a new record then download the relevant form from the Forms section here, Provide details of the track used, indoor or outdoor, names of timekeeper(s) and observer, and the detailed record of the attempt (e.g. lap times etc).and send to the National Track Records Secretary. You may either post or email claims but they must include the claim form and the supporting documentation. The Secretary will ratify the record if achieved in accordance with the regulations and issue a certificate to the new record holder.

Further Information

For road records contact Geoff Perry (

For track records contact Ian Greenstreet (