CTT Online Entry System


The CTT online entry system provides a convenient way to enter events without having to post entry forms with cheques. The vast majority of entries are now made online. 

To use the system you need to register on the CTT site - www.ctt.org.uk.

The events list on this website provides links to the relevant event page on the CTT site  so that you can go there to enter online.

The VTTA and CTT have made provision for linking a VTTA member's account with their CTT account. This means the CTT has accurate membership details of VTTA members (their membership status and group) and can provide this on event startsheets. This is very helpful to the organisers of VTTA events where preference on entry is given to VTTA members. Linking your VTTA and CTT accounts also means your results can be automatically included in the VTTA season long competitions and your improvements on standard can be shown in your memebership profile. 

Linking your VTTA and CTT accounts - please see the Guidance Note in the Documents section here - The process is straightforward and just  takes a few minutes.