Weather conditions were atrocious for the Northern Veterans' All Comers Closed Circuit 10 Mile Championship.  Heavy rain leading up to and during the event reduced the field of 72 entrants to 51 starters and had the event been on the open road there is absolutely no doubt that it would have been cancelled. But without the hazard of fast moving motor traffic and its attendant spray it was able to proceed in complete safety.  For late October the rain was warmer than could have been expected and there was no wind to hamper the riders as they completed almost 5 soggy laps of the Croft Motor Racing Circuit for an exact, CTT measured and approved, 10 miles.  The lateness in the season  probably also put a few off but it's just a pity that there are so many traditionalists not willing to ride the 'race of truth' in traffic free conditions.

Comparing the award winners to those of the inaugural championship in 2021 there were some familiar names, although all were slightly slower on this occasion, all riding with some caution in the wet.  Awards were determined on vets' age handicap and with separate categories for both men and women on either TT or road bikes, although there were no takers for the women's road bike category.

Thanks to the group of Teesside officials, led by Gavin Russell, who run these events at Croft so competently.  Due to cost issues with hiring of motor racing circuits it is not possible to organise for a summer afternoon but it is hoped to move to earlier in the season for 2023, before many riders have retired for the year.


TT Bikes - Men


Douglas Watson

GTR - Return to Life p/b Streamline

VHR - 20:45

Act - 21:25


Marcel Schubert

Darlington CC

VHR - 20:54

Act - 20:58


Ray Hall

Adept Cycling

VHR - 21:13

Act - 23:05


TT Bikes - Women


Liz Ball

Valley Striders CC

VHR - 21:22

Act - 27:14


Angela Hannon-Flaherty

Seacroft Whs

VHR - 21:40

Act - 25:15


Lucia Borradaile

CC Weymouth

VHR - 21:44

Act - 26:44


Road bikes - Men


Nick Giles

Pocomotion CC

VHR - 22:00

Act - 24:08


Shaun Tyson

Protech Velo

VHR - 22:23

Act 23:13


Keith Storey

Seacroft Whs

VHR - 25:14

Act - 27:06


There were no women road bikers.