AWARDS                   (One rider – one prize     except Team)

1st on Standard            Gav McDonald          Derwent Valley CC      +5.35

2ndon Standard           Adrian Hughes          Seamons CC                 +5.26

3rdon Standard           Alan Chorley             Seamons CC                 +5.10

4thon Standard           Jonathon Lloyd         Westmead Team 88      +4.42

5thon Standard           Andy Ashurst            Manchester Wheelers   +4.38

Fastest Lady               Claire Harrison    Provision Cycle Clothing    +4.20

2ndfastest Lady         Jeanette Barber    Seamons CC                        +2.44

3rdfastest Lady         Tracy Rowlinson Lyme Racing Club               +2.13

Fastest on actual        Alexander Royle   Manchester Bicycle Club   20.18 

Fastest Veteran not a VTTA member

                                 Andy Bennett   Onimpex Bioracer RT             +4.43

Fastest Team             Seamons CC                 +14.04

 Adrian Hughes             +5.26

 Alan Chorley                +5.10

 Barry Armstrong          +3.28.

Well!!!   An organiser’s nightmare.   After all the trials the event went ahead and was completed without further incident.   Thank you all for your support, patience and understanding.

I obviously knew of the problems in Twemlow Lane, although these did not occur until a few days before the event, and changed the course accordingly but the traffic lights on the J4/20 appeared on the morning of the event and were unscheduled (not listed on the Cheshire roadworks website) and so were unknown to me.   The only other practical course available for the headquarters was, for the local riders who know, the one using King Street and I had not put in a Police Notification as traffic lights were scheduled for that course as well.   However - guess what - there were no lights in place on the day but it was too late to contact the Police at such short notice.   And so the decision was taken to run the event on J2/3 starting immediately after the lights in Twemlow Lane which resulted in a short course event of approximately 9.7 miles, roughly one minute less than the time for a full 10 (give or take depending on your speed).   The start was delayed in order to relocate the signs.   For any would be organisers the plan has to be to put in Notifications for all possible courses to cover all eventualities and not rely on the information on the roadworks websites.

But enough of that and what of the event?   The day was good, if a bit cold, although the wind was not helpful for the course. The winner was Gav McDonald who made the long journey from Cumbria and who is just getting back into racing following problems with a back injury – well done Gav.   Second and third were the usual suspects of Adrian Hughes and Alan Chorley of Seamons who, together with Barry Armstrong, also took the fastest team.   The only other qualifying team was also Seamons as other teams did not have three vets or three vets who were VTTA members: so there you are, you need to join the VTTA (plug).

Six ladies entered but unfortunately two didn’t start, however Claire Harrison of Provision took the honours from Jeanette Barber and Tracy Rowlinson.   Jeanette took bragging rights as she beat her husband Paul on standard by 28 seconds (sorry Paul).

From a personal point of view it was good to see two trikes on show with Alan Shuttleworth taking the honours from Vic Trigger.   Keep the flag flying lads!

Mention must go to Syd Brown of Manchester BC who at the age of 16 did a very creditable 22.47 – we shall watch out for this young man in the future!

At the other end of the scale it was great to see Derek Hodgins back in the saddle after an unfortunate lay-off, and he beat his standard too - but I would have expected no less.   Well done Derek and good to see you about again.

So that’s it for another year.  Thanks for supporting the event and check out the other VTTA events held throughout the season, although these are held in conjunction with other clubs (see the handbook)   Thank you all once again for your support on the day to help the event run smoothly and also to the marshals and helpers at the HQ, especially to my wife Joan for the catering and for her patience over the past few weeks.  Enjoy the rest of the season and take care.

‘See you up the road’.

Roy Deakin

I must say that Roy understates the situation somewhat, his management of the events on the day was excellent. The willingness of Dave Joynson, Graham Lawrence et al was very much at the heart of the successful afternoon. Well done all!