It was cool for April with a cold easterly wind even at the 1:00 pm start time of the VTTA (North Lancs and Lakes) 25 on Wednesday April 10th on the L2521A 2-lap Winmarleigh-Cockerham-Stakepool course. Unfornately temporary traffic lights (which the workmen said would soon be gone) had appeared on the course at Stakepool and organiser Richard Taylor delayed the start by 1 hour.

Unclear whether the lights had gone at 2:00 the timekeepers and pusher off were told to warn riders that the event would finish at Stakepool on the first lap. By the time the first rider arrived at Stakepool the lights had gone and riders were waved on. The first 25 riders had received the short course message when Richard arrived back at the start and advised the remaining competitors to complete both laps. Early riders arriving at the finish were told to carry on for a second lap. It was all rather confusing. In the end some early riders did continue for the full course and some didn't. Those comleting one lap were given a time for that distance. The actual times are available on both this site and the CTT website

1st Phil Jones, Transitions RT 53:47
2nd Brian Fogarty, Forgarty Insurance Tri Team 53:48
3rd Steve Ayres, Bronte Wh 54:07
Non-VTTA Vet Darren Caines, Bronte Wh 1:01:27
Woman Charlotte Boothman, ABC Centreville 1:01:31

Veterans on Standard
1st David Hargreaves, North Lancs RC +13:18 (1:01:22)
2nd Steve Ayres +11:53
3rd Debbie Moss, Team Merlin +11:21 (1:02:04)
Woman Debbie Moss
Team of 3 (on std) North Lancs RC
David Hargreaves, Dave Topping +5:12, Michael Cox +4:37 +23:07