It is six months now since Jan left us – too long to have not recorded the fact in the annals of the VTTA.

Like so many members of our fraternity who joined us back in the 1950s, she “Came to the ultimate enjoyment in cycling – becoming a member of a Cycling Club” (to paraphrase Chris Lovibond’s words in the Hounslow and District Wheelers’ magazine. Chris goes on to write, “To a modern young person this statement is probably incomprehensible, but to many of us, including those quite a few years younger than Jan, it expresses just how we felt when we found ourselves accepted by a club.” Those words perhaps encapsulate what the cycling world means and meant to the ‘oldies’ in the VTTA. It is perhaps unlikely that later generations can expect to inherit that special world.

Membership of that world began for Jan when she was accepted into the Feltham Road Club, only to transfer to the Hounslow a little later.

There she became, like so many back then, not tremendously concerned with their own performances but more in supporting her club. This involved membership of the committee, the production of the club magazine, the shared responsibility of the famed Hounslow Club Dinner, qualification as an approved Timekeeper and the shared Club Presidency with husband Ron. Many will remember the raffle she organised where the first prize was a British Airways ticket to anywhere in the world.

Jan was, for many years, a driving force behind the South West London Ladies’ Cycling Association.

Almost as soon as she qualified, both she and Ron became members of the VTTA and were subsequently awarded Honorary Life Membership.

Sorry to be late in saying goodbye Jan.

Jim Burgin