The National Age Records as at the end of 2018 have been refreshed on the website.

This refresh has solved a few bugs and includes some enhancements or data improvements:

  • A few records which I had previously missed or not updated correctly, or miss-spelling of Group names - the uploading process will only display group names in a set format.
  • 12/24 Hour distances have been revised to be consistent with the current CTT regulations of 2 decimal places, and they look nicer!
  • Previously missing group names have been included by checking against Les Lowe's paper files which go back to 1999, so in most cases these are now complete.
  • As a result of checking the source material, the names of the riders have been made more 'friendly' and include the riders first names where these are available.  This will result in the phasing out of riders identified as J.R.Hartley, for example. This also helps identify gender unless you are a Boy Named Sue.
  • The review of Tandem paper age records has corrected some of the aggregated ages, which has improved data integrity.
  • Tandem record holders are listed in rider age order, not Pilot-Stoker order, where these are known (so since 1999).  A missing Group name is a good indicator of lack of the paper claim to source more clarity.
  • Track records, back to 1999, have been fine-tuned to display the number of decimal places to that of the recording equipment used, where the information was available.


There are a couple of new bugs, which I have noticed:

  • Currently the display can only show one group name against a tandem pair, and this is the group of the first named rider when the two riders might actually be in different groups.  There are only a few occurrences of this but they are most prevalent for tandem trikes.
  • Trailing zeros for distances and track times do not display

The Age Records will shortly be printed in the Handbook, which Mike Penrice is currently editing, and the information should be consistent with the website, as the source material is the same.  There is only one list of National Age Records.