You can now view all 2019 VTTA championships and events in the Events section of the website. There are comprehensive search facilities to help you find events. You can also then link from an event to the CTT site for online entry.

The VTTA Championship dates for 2019 are as follows:

Event Date Course Organising Group/Club
10 miles 28 April G10/41 Surrey/Sussex
15 miles 8 September T154 North
25 miles 9 June E2/25 East Anglian
30 miles 1 September WM30/1 Scotland
50 miles 22 June V350A Yorkshire
100 miles 14 July L10012 North Lancs TTA
12 hour  11 August E2/12hr EDCA
24 hour 20-21 July D24hr Mersey Roads Club

Pictured is Simon Beldon, winner of the 2018 25 mile championship.